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Black Rhyno Familia

Becoming a Member

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We are NEVER  looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

We invite noone who is interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Only those who we see as real, loyal, disciplined, and focused will ever get a chance to be a Rhyno.

Benefits of Joining

The benefits of joining Black Rhyno are plenty, but they are none of your concern or business as of this point. However, I will share with you THREE:
We are our brother's keepers. If a Rhyno needs help, advice, or assistance in any way, a Rhyno will be the first by their side.
All Rhynos must remain focused on success and constant elevation. And it is the duty of all Rhynos to make sure that their brothers stay on track.
You will always have someone watching your back and making sure you don't have to fight a battle alone. And it is your responsibility to do the same for all of your brothers.

How Can You Join?

You CAN'T join. Members are chosen by the Red Rhynos. All potential members must be nominated by a Red Rhyno, though a member of the Black Rhyno Unit may may ask a Red Rhyno to nominate someone for them. Potential members who are accepted into Black Rhyno won't even know theyv'e been nominated until after RED RHYME. Those who don't make it through RED RHYME will NEVER know.

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